A QUICK SNAPSHOTBorn a “Jersey Girl” I traveled the globe as the daughter of a soldier in the United States Army.  At the age of 10, we set our roots in Georgia. 

My first interest in photography began while I was on a church retreat and I took a photography session with a darkroom developing class.  Instantly, I fell in love with photography.  I made my first camera out of a shoebox while in photography class in high school.  I started taking pictures and designing my schools yearbook for 4 years.     I soon began my career in coordinating corporate events, designing banquets, coordinating and photographing weddings, taking videos and photographing numerous events.   

Since 1979, I have been living in Douglasville, GA.  I changed my career goals from twenty years of Retail and Human Resources to Photography.  Presently, I am in my second term as President of the Sweetwater Camera Club in Douglasville.  I’ve spent a lifetime of love for photography and now I can’t put my camera down.  I am in numerous exhibits and my photos are in homes from Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, North Carolina, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia and in Florida.   I’m enthusiastic and continue learning something new every day.  Currently, I am using a NIKON D7000.  If you see me, I always have my camera by my side; I never want to miss “the shot”.  

 My goal as a photographer is to showcase the beauty and wonders of God’s creation, touching the emotions of another and have them experience the photograph as if they had taken the picture themselves. I hope to inspire others to follow their passion and to take the risk to do what they truly enjoy.  I’m following my passion.

                                                                                                  Janet Newton Photography